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What do we mean when we talk about true prophecy and predictions?

There are many terms being used in relation to predictions. However It might not be clear what they mean. I found a number of explanations in the English dictionary which I describe below.

Prophecy, sometimes spelled Prophesy, Prophecies:

    1. An inspired utterance of a prophet, viewed, as a revelation of divine will.
    2. A prediction of the future, made under divine inspiration.
    3. Such an inspired message or prediction transmitted orally or in writing.
  1. The vocation or condition of a prophet.
  2. A prediction.


  1. A mental image produced by the imagination.
  2. The mystical experience of seeing as if with the eyes the supernatural or a supernatural being.


  1. A person who speaks by divine inspiration or as the interpreter through whom the will of a god is expressed.
  2. A person gifted with profound moral insight and exceptional powers of expression.
  3. A predictor; a soothsayer.
  4. The chief spokesperson of a movement or cause.
    1. Prophets (used with a sing. or pl. verb) The second of the three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures, comprising the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the Twelve. Used with the.
    2. Prophet One of the prophets mentioned in the Bible, especially one believed to be the author of one of these books. Used with the.
  5. Prophet Islam. Muhammad. Used with the.


  1. A clairvoyant.
  2. A prophet.

In the rest of this document I will use the above terms interchangeably. A seer is a prophet and a vision is a prophecy. When mentioning a vision or prophecy, I am referring to a prediction of the future. When using the word seer or prophet, I am referring to a person that receives predictions of the future.

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