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Could time travel, prophecy and angels have something in common?

Relating Angels with time travel

The word 'angel' refers to certain 'spirit beings' that play an important role in religion. Lets have a look at the well-known common aspects of angels as known through religion:

Angels are spirit-like messengers that are believed to travel and communicate between God and humanity and who not originate from this world.

Angels are believed to have played a role in creation, to be an intermediate between God and ordinary people and convey messages from God. These messages might include true prophecy, which can cause the receiver to become a prophet. Angels know our future and are believed to have protected individuals from harm by revealing themselves at critical moments. These 'spirit beings' are generally not visible, only showing themselves through dreams and visions or to a single individual.

Angels, spirits and ghosts appear to be rather similar. It's the interpretation of the person that has the encounter who determines what name is given to it. Encounters with 'spirit beings' have been recorded since the dawn of man and many people think that such spiritual entities are all around us.

Could angels be the future time travelers we look for?

Could we link together what we generally ascribe to angels with what we think of, how future time travelers should look like, when they visit the past?

If angels were indeed time travelers from the future, it would mean that a traveler not only resembles an angel but also that he maintains the deception that he is in fact an angel.

If angels are time travelers then time travel is going to be both freighting advanced and unpleasantly limited. Advanced in the sense that time travelers seem to be able to change the past and travel around invisibly, but limited in the sense that they are not indistinguishable from humans, they are not physical and not 'one of us'.

The argument that time travel is not possible because we have not had any visitors from the future might take another direction if it turns out that spirits, angels and ghosts are the actual travelers we look for. Fiction or not, encounters with 'spirit beings' have definitely been recorded through the centuries in all continents and all cultures.

If angels are actually future time travelers then the implications could be tremendous and surely nobody wants to know or accept such possibility. Religion is very much interwoven into our cultures. The belief, that it is time travel to the past that is responsible for many of the existing stories about angels, could destabilize much what we stand for, our beliefs of who we are, where we come from, God and religion.

Since angels are also believed to have played a role in creation, and to have had children with human women, could that not indicate that future science might be responsible all along for manipulating our own past, creating our race and manipulating our own gene pool? An extreme interpretation could be, that there might be no God at all, as we are doing it all ourselves...


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Time Travel Angel

Could we relate what we believe to know about angels with what we think of, how time travelers should look like?

If angels are time travelers, it would mean that a traveler not only resembles an angel but also that he maintains that illusion.

Time Travel Angel

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy
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