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Advanced technology requires advanced wisdom. If we use powerful technology, like time travel, the wrong way, we might end up causing our own apocalypse.

Avoiding the Apocalypse

Time travel to the past and changing it seems devastating, full of risks, doubts and unacceptable perils. It could even lead to the predicted Apocalypse It seems that if it turns out to be possible, we would never find a reason that justifies using such a science. However, if we could prove that it can be done, we might also be able to prove, that it has already been done and that the consequences of time travel experiments are already with us and clearly visible in our own history.

If it turns out that true prophecy is the result of experimenting with time travel devices, we could study the consequences of these experiments by looking at the impact true prophecy have had on our own history time line. It would probably take away our desire to ever use such a powerful but unpredictable technology our selves.

If you are going to risk changing your own past and jeopardize all that we have achieved so far, then you better come up with a pretty good reason for doing so.

So, What would be a valid reason that justifies changing the past and put at risk our own existence? It must be something so extreme, that any other solution would not be adequate. Something so horrendous that it may cause humanity to disappear completely.

If something would threaten the present time of the future scientists in a way that they think that humanity is going to be unavoidably extinct soon, then this might constitute the only reason that justifies the use of time travel technology and change the past in order to avoid the event from happening. It must be an event so cataclysmic that it will change the world, our existence as we now know it for ever...the final Apocalypse!

Apocalypse, Nostradamus

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