Nostradamus, Time Travel and Prophecies
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Nostradamus - Time Travel and Prophecies
Is there a safe way to use a time travel machine? Can time travel be a useful technology, worthwile to research? What can we do with it?

After proving that time travel and sending messages to the past is possible how can we use it? Can we find an acceptable application for time travel?

  • Time Travel Applications
    Does time travel and sending messages to the past have practical uses? Is changing the past an option?

  • Advanced Technology needs Advanced Responsibility.
    If mankind follows the same behavior pattern, developing powerful new technologies that he followed with past technology, all life could be in danger of extinction.

  • Do Prophecies prevent Time Travel?
    Since we know the consequences of having prophecies in our history, would we still risk using time travel to change our past by creating new prophecies?

  • Avoiding the Apocalypse
    What would be a valid reason that justifies changing the past and put at risk our own existence?

  • Human Nature and Time Travel
    Could time travel be used to balance human nature by sending seeds of wisdom to our ancestors in the form of prophecies?

  • Religion and Time Travel
    Would 'using time travel technology to embed wisdom in our ancestors' not resemble all that we know about religion and the alleged relationship with god?

  • Religion and Time Travel Topics
    Thoughts, questions and issues about relating time travel with religion

Time Travel research, Nostradamus the prophet

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Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy