Nostradamus, Time Travel and Prophecies
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Nostradamus - Time Travel and Prophecies
If we develop a technology that sends messages to the past would we use it to create something that already exists?

Advanced Technology requires advanced responsibility

Imagine that some future decision makers decide to willfully change the past and the course of history, they are not happy about the course history has taken and think that by manipulating It, it could lead to a better world for all. A noble thought, but can that be accomplished by sending messages to the past? Would it be possible to manipulate the behavior of our ancestors, by sending messages in order to change human nature and create a more positive history time line?

Changing history by just sending messages to the past will encounter many technical problems:

There is no physical proof for such a communication. People in the past will not understand where the message might come from, explaining is useless. The message arrives as voices in your head. Even if such message contains lots of value, the source and the technology used lies beyond comprehension of any prophet and an alternative acceptable explanation is needed. It is easy to see the temptation to impersonate the almighty God.

Changing the world might start with an individual, but to be successful in the long term, the message needs to be spread to all people and nations. It would be a good start to convince the receiver of the importance of the message in such a way that the prophet will dedicate his life to spreading the word to his contemporaries. The message must therefore bear enough importance like having great intrinsic value that preferably could not have been conceived in any other way. In this sense true prophecy can proof as no other type of message that it must be of supernatural origin.

The above reasoning might lead to creating bibles and religions, an obvious application of time travel. But does that mean that we would create works that already exist? It seems logical, that if something already exists in our past that we will not create it in our own future. It leads to one of the more complex and confusing aspects of time travel: The paradoxes and the contradictions. If the bible would be a science project from some future scientists than it might be that their world 'was' different than ours.

The pure existence of the bible, as a work of true prophecies, has changed, altered and shaped the world. If we believe that it might be the result of a time travel experiment than the consequence is that our past got changed and that we now live in an altered world. Even if that could be true, we have no way to find out.

Nostradamus the prophet, Prophecy

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Nostradamus time travel
A technology that can change past history is potentially very dangerous.
Nostradamus time travel

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy