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Since we know the consequences of having prophecies in our history, would we still risk using time travel to change our past by creating new prophecies?

Prophecies as argument against Time Travel

If we would proof that prophecy and time travel are indeed related, and we then develop the technology that allows us to communicate with the past, would that not make us very aware of the potential of such technology when taking into consideration the consequences and impact prophecy has had on our own history. The idea that prophecies are the result of time travel experiments would also mean that since we have prophecy in our history, we live in an altered world.

The holy books of many religions are based on prophecy. We know that the existence of these works have been instrumental in the rise of religions, religious intolerance, persecution, inquisition, violence and suffering. The chain of events and consequences related to past prophecy would definitely influence our activities if we would be able to create true prophecies with the help of some time travel technology. We would likely try to avoid sending messages that could possibly lead to any negative consequences.

Thinking about time travel and its consequences leads to confusion, even if you tackle each aspect of it on its own. The consequences of time travel seem always to conflict with reality.

If we did not had any prophecies or prophecy related violence in our own history, we might think that using time travel, creating prophecies and altering the past could be a good thing. However we don't live in such a world. If and when we finally develop time travel we already have the baggage of a prophecy related time line. We can only imagine a fictional, 'parrallel' future where scientists live in a world without the consequences of past prophecies.

We would not send the bible to the past as it already exists. If we would decide to send messages that alter the past, then obviously these messages have not yet been received until after the moment of sending. It seems logical that if the messages that created the bible were send by future decision makers, that the bible did not exist in the history of those decision makers. However, since the bible does exist in our history, the world of the future decision makers must be different from ours.

It apears to be impossible to grasp the idea that there might have been two pasts and that there might be two 'futures'. One past with prophecy and one past without prophecy and one future which is ours and one from where future scientists will send prophecies to the past. In our current accepted model about time this is impossible. Therefore time travel must be regarded as impossible. As a consequence it might also mean that true prophecy should be regarded as impossible as well.

Nostradamus the prophet, Prophecy

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Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy