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Time travel seems to violate the causality principle

The chicken and the egg

There are many arguments against the possibility of time travel and one of these is, that it would be in violation of the causality principle:

'No cause' equals 'No effect'

In our reality, based on the current, accepted theory on time, there must always be a direct, tight, chronological relationship between cause and effect in such a way that cause always preludes the effect.

Scientists argue that there has never been a violation of the causality principle in our universe. That is surely true, although it is undeniable that there are events and phenomena that seem to have no cause. Events that have no obvious cause (and possibly violate the causality principle) are often indicated as 'mysterious', 'paranormal' or 'unexplained'.

Although within a time travel experiment there will be a chronological relationship between begin and end of the experiment, in the real world it might result in 'mysterious events' - events without an obvious cause. Therefore mysterious events that have no apparent cause will make 'prime candidates' when looking for the results of time travel experiments.

Causality Principle

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