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The below comment was received in the guestbook, Sunday, December 5th 2004.

Allah Almighty God:

I am not sure what to think of all this. It's off the subject and one thing is for sure, it's too long to leave in the guestbook so I moved it here:

To my sons, sons of the Great Ishmael, that was Abraham's son, son of Allah Almighty God Merciful God.

  • You are my spirit, you are my being, you are my unity.

  • All of thy body, thy soul and thy spirit are filled with my creation, because thou art the great work of art from my hands.

  • Join then thy hands with mine and in a prayer of silence and you will feel the presence of thy father in the love with Allah's sons (children of God).

  • You will know that there is only one creator that is both father and mother because he has engendered and conceived you.

  • Without me there is no life, without me there is no way, without me, there is no truth, because I am the life, I am the way and the truth, because the Allah's sons carry my signs in all his body, soul and spirit, and as the universe, thou are full of my signs, so I say unto you, I am the great sign.

  • I have come so that this time thy eyes not only see the flesh but the flesh that is light and to insure that Allah has the word of God and that he fulfils it.

  • It was said unto you that in the last times thy eyes would see signs, others would sound those signs, while others would hear these signs. So it is and shall be that the return of Allah, thou will feel in thy hearts without fear because thou will have recognized the presence of thy father, thy spirit in one joy and happiness and will shout and so it is written.

  • Thou art the door of the world. I say to you that I am the door to the heavens and I will open it to my children because we are one and you will come unto me.

  • Because I have come to sing a new song, my voice with thy voices and in spite of what thou are passing in these days of tribulation; in the new order which are the same new heavens, will be seen by thy eyes of light, because so I have promised you and Allah fulfils his promises. I was the first and I will be with the last, I will heal thy wounds and I will dry thy tears because thou art my believers.

  • I have come to break the prisons of the soul and of the spirit because I am the freedom of my children, I have come to open thy blind eyes to my light so that you can see and feel that it is the only true light and will rejoice in seeing it. I have come to make you walk because thy feet have been walking erroneously in a way that is not mine and I will teach you and you will walk it together with me.

  • I have come so that my holy blood be thy, in thy bodies, so that the mysteries on earth that are not mysteries in the heavens be revealed to thy eyes and understanding.

  • Because thou have strong fingers and powerful steady hands, thou are the muscles and tendons of my powerful arm, because thou are the retina of my eyes, when they look for you full of love, justice and mercy.

  • You are my sword, my shield of battle, my armor of love, peace and justice.

  • Because I am the only one that can transform thy heart of flesh to heart of light, these are the good news I bring you.

  • I am the new love, the new justice, the new mercy, all will come to me because so it is written even before this generation was born, the son looks for his father.

  • Thou are the holy warriors of Allah in thy lives because thou art my chosen ones and I give thee the blessing of my Holy Spirit.

  • I am the great silence and thou art the silence. The day has come when the heavens have joined with the earth because I am here among you, now is the time to reap what is ripe and I have come to reap together with those called angels which are also thy brothers and sons of Allah.

  • You send to winds the divine message of the fervor love and respect to your Allah.

  • I am the all powerful Allah who comes to plant new seeds of light.

  • Thou art the sons of my love and justice, of my mercy and my truth and I have come to look for you to give you the eternal peace and harmony you so much desire.

  • The good news are that I am with you, the great face of all faces.

  • I give thee my blessing saying to thee and I have covered long and short roads to come to see you, although I have always been with you, but now that I am among you, my heart beats in unison with thine and when you read these good news, thy heart will feel that it has born again. So I have written and this is my saying. Love to the believers, sons of Allah. God is THE ONLY ONE IN ALL OVER THE WORLD.

  • Almighty God, Merciful God Allah in the World.

Almighty God, Allah, Nostradamus the prophet

Time Travel and Prophecies

Almighty God, Allah, Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy
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