Nostradamus, Time Travel and Prophecies
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A comment from one of our readers.

Hello from San Antonio, Texas,

To understand The Prophecies of Nostradamus you must first understand the history of the place where Nostradamus studied named Avignon, France. You must also read the letters which Nostradamus wrote to the king. There is alot of information inclosed in these letters. Especially the reason that Nostradamus named his son Caesar. And also the reason why the name of one of his wives did not come down to us. How often did he write his prophecies?

Once you start pulling all this information together, you begin to understand the man Nostradamus.

The reason for Nostradamus for it points to a cathedral and in this cathedral, you'll see images of kings and saints but Nostradamus kept secret these facts because if not, none of his prophecies would have made it to the present time.

Is time travel possible?

Yes, first you'll see like the wind blowing, followed by the sound of that sounds like a buzzing sound, then the sound of a loud boom, followed by the echo sounds of things past and future at the location you are standing.

If at you are at home, you'll hear the voices of your family members or friends but you will not be able to see them. Once you begin to hear the sound of echo's then you find yourself out of body. Then you will see the area that those with NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE recall as THE TUNNEL OF LIGHT. This is not a true tunnel but the reflection of the lightbeam against the darkness of space. Follow the light to the multiple windows in space and you'll be able to enter into these windows and when you so, you'll either be in the past or future. But you'll be seeing through the eyes of another living entity, either it will be human or animal.

As you are drawn back into the darkness of space, your body will feel an engerized feeling like being electrically charged. If you had an ilness like cancer, asthma, kidney problems or any sickness, these problems will no longer effect your body. And you may also have some special abilities. But you'll better be prepared, because you'll have a severe headache that could last for weeks or months.

But there is also one step, that I will not reveal and only those that have truely time travel will know.

The Fatima child
The third secret of Fatima.
P.O. BOX 12895
San Antonio, Texas

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy and Fatima

Time Travel and Prophecies

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy, Fatima
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