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About Spirit Language
Tuesday, June 22nd 2004

Spirit Language:

A Comment received in the guestbook from one of the readers. It is about spirit language and it is a comment on the article that relates Nostradamus with France. I did not edit the comment but just copied it from the guestbook. It is rather hard to read or understand, I suppose it is an example for "spirit language" itself, otherwise the writer would better use punctuation and a spelling checker.

the comments on this that all the languages that he could speak just remember that in some or all that don't understand is that most off what comes in a spirit form is in all langugues like my spirit person the name goes from one language to another in a on running sentence but it's just one name in the spirit for i can ask for something and get it like i gave it to my self what i mean is i comunicated with my future self and have been for my hole life. one spirit is my brother who was killed on a motorscycle in tennessee briley parkway in may of 1987 spirit can do more than you think my brother told me that i have been in the accident 500,000,000 times til i could feel the hits in the head. i am a cancer sign and yes im sensitive to what can happen i can feel people as well as spirits accidents i was fired from rio bravo for what they call stilling identities i could take there spirt from there body i could look at them and see a blank spot of what would be there face it's like looking at a tv with no signal at times and other times it's like theres nothing there at all i just say it and it happens when i was growing up my mother could never call me by my given name it was just like then she called me my brothers name my uncles name and them finally my name and would be very mad because she never could blame one person for my actions in my life when i look in a mirror all i see is my father and out of my body at times i see my father and other times my Wife. i can just walk near some one and i can feel ever part of there body as it where my own and spirits now that i never new astology in 2001-2002 like i do 2004 i am a very stong and can see what time and day like a tv of life. what i mean is i can see a vision of what happens in the air, water,earth, fire, I can do just like michel and so much more when it comes to seeing the futer i built computers one month in advance when sept, 11 accident happened twin computers, and the space shuttel one mouth in advance i built a computer, the so called earth quack in iraq was a atomic bomb fused from a bunker tell me did they ever give a reading no they didn't it's what they didn't want you to now i can p redict and seed e-mails to the us government about the natural disaters that happened just before we went to war i think that I think michel was talleted in his day with a gift from god to warn people of thee actions that would happen if you cant read it corectly it's because of several different languages like say madbones in english and then spanish and other languges but the sentence has no space between names theres no pausing when saying a name in low voice when that happens you will try to say it aloud and never succeed in doing what we call universal language. do me a favor watch matrix revalution watch what neo does when he loses site with the eyes on his face and remember he's got a third and forth it's the power of the mind.

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Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy
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