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Could Nostradamus be seen as a reporter? About information flow, sender, receiver and medium.

Information flow

Since last century, information flow and information technology has become of mayor importance. These developments allows us to have intimate knowledge about events without participate in them. Information and information technolgy has become one of the key characteristics that sets our century apart from past ones. It is clear that information is power, but only when you are able to distribute this informion so that endusers can access it.

For instance: to distribute information about a football match you might record a documentary and store it on a DVD (the medium). Then you make a 1000 copies and give it away to people in the street (the distributing part). For end users to see this documentary they need a television or computer with DVD, cables, electricity and they need to know how to reproduce the film (the accessing part). Each activity (in its abstract form) is necessary to accomplish the full procedure of informing an end user. The processes are the following:

Event -> reporting -> summarizing -> medium -> distributing -> accessing

Distributing information is equally important as collecting, processing and accessing information. The simplest idea of informing end-users can be summarized in a communication model that consists of 3 parts.

The sender:
The entity responsible for collecting, processing, storing and sending of the information.

The medium:
Responsible for transporting and distributing the message from the sender to the receiver.

The receiver:
The entity accessing the medium searches information. This 'end user' has the motivation and intention to access the information. He therefore manipulates the medium in search for 'his content'.

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy

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Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy