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Mysterious events often seem to have no cause or logic explanation, could they be related to time travel?

Mysterious events as future science experiments

"Incredible claims need incredible proof"

-- Carl Sagan

Imagine that future science experiments would allow time travelers to visit the past. That would mean that although the technology has not been invented yet, the results should already be visible. But what would it look like? What should we look for? Can we ever link events to time travel before we acknowledge that time indeed might be traveled in more than one direction?

Although some events might have been caused by future experiments, if they already have a more or less acceptable explanation then, in general, nobody cares for alternative theories. To avoid having to deny any existing explanation before offering an alternative, we rather focus on events that have no definite explanation, no clear cause or events that are still in the realm of the mysterious and unexplained.

What kind of events would make primary targets to examine as possible cause of future time travel experiments?

Imagine the possibility that we have seen the results of time travel experiments, but describe what we experience as something else:

Event types

SpiritsGuarding Angels
ApparitionsDemonic Possessions
PropheciesPrecognitive Dreams
TelepathyMessages from God
Communication with the DeathWicca Board movements
The Philip ExperimentPoltergeists
CreationYoung Earth Theory
Lost SoulsIntelligent design
Crop circlesSéances

The above terms refer to mysterious entities or events that cannot be explained or - the opposite - fit (too) many explanations. An event is mysterious because there seems to be no cause or violate the causality principle. Therefore it takes little effort to 'shoehorn' these events to any new theories including as being the result of future time travel experiments.

Most of the above mentioned entities are non-physical and the 'encounters' had little impact on history. Normally the entities seem to 'live their own lives' and mind their own business, not really looking for interaction with us. -- We just happen to observe or share a moment with 'them'.

Time travel needs forward thinking, the cause lies in the future and therefore comes after the effect. Although it seems that time travel violates the causality principle there continues to be a tight relationship between the cause and effect.

What should we look for, What would be those typical traits and characteristics that indicates that an event could be the result of a future science experiment?

By defining a matrix of characteristics to compare against, we can examine each and every mysterious event and judge whether it could possibly be time travel related.

Characteristics could be separated into two groups. There would be general characteristics, that each event resulting from a time travel experiment would have in common and more specific characteristics that depend entirely on the theory behind the science and / or the objectives of the experiment.

Lets take the above mentioned event types and examine each as the possible result of a time travel experiment. From there on we can comment on the theory behind it and what is needed to use such theory and the likelihood of ever creating a technology based on that specific theory.

Science Experiment, Time Travel, Nostradamus the prophet

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Time Travel Science Experiment

A science experiment could possibly cause consequences in the past.

How can we ever know whether a mysterious event is time travel related?

Time Travel Science Experiment

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy