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Mysterious events often seem to have no cause or logical explanation, could some of them be time travel related?

Specific Characteristics of Time Travel Experiments

There are many theories about how time travel might look like, each of these theories would not only leave a general time travel signature but also their own specific mark, footprint or characteristic signature on history when an experiment takes place. Theories might be grouped as following:

If time travel is going to be invented it might be that one of the 'flavors' will be a non-physical form, allowing visitors to re-live the past without interfering or interaction and with little risk of changing history.

Such form of time travel should be relatively inoffensive and might therefore happen frequently, allowing people to experience and learn from the past first hand. However such experimenting could also be responsible for the many unexplained observations and mysterious events mentioned earlier.

The marks that an experiment leaves behind are also depending on the intentions and objectives of the experiment.

Experiment related characteristics

  • Experiments with no interaction intended
  • Experiments that allow for visual interaction
  • Experiments that allows for Communication with the past
  • Experiments that intend to change the past

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