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Was Nostradamus a false prophet?
Can true prophecy really exist?

The First Issue - The Base Line

What we need to establish, is whether true prophecy can exist. Of course it is good to stay skeptical but to further follow my way of thinking, we need to establish a baseline. If you keep being convinced that true prophecy cannot exist, no matter what explanation, and all prophets are therefore lets say 'mistaken', then the rest of this website will probably fail to make its point.

Before we go any further there is the one core question we should try to answer:

Does true prophecy actually exist?

false prophecy, prophet, predictions of Nostradamus And while we are at it, we should consider answering the question whether there is any evidence that any past prophets made true prophecies? Are there any recorded prophecies in our history that we consider to be true?

But what is true prophecy? There might be more than one definition that is equally valid. Therefore to avoid confusion I formulate a definition that I will use as a basis for all the articles of this website. Whenever this website mentiones true prophecy the folowing is meant:

A true prophecy is an accurate, detailed prediction of a future event that turns out to be correct. It should not be possible to conceive the same result by means of logic, calculation and deduction or by using any contemporary sciences.

In this respect true prophecy, fulfilled prophecy and Self-fulfilling prophecy are conceptionally different in nature.

Looking at our history, there are many occasions that people claim to have received prophecies. The bible for instance is a book that contains numerous predictions. Some of its followers are convinced that it is the only real source of true prophecy.
Given that the bible contains warnings against false prophets that make true prophecies but teach false doctrine, indicates that according to the bible there might be other sources as well.

The bible contains seven tests to determine a true Christian prophet:

  1. Filled with the holy spirit
  2. Member of the body of Christ
  3. The prophet must be a holy man
  4. Must not contradict the word of god
  5. Proved by two or three witnesses
  6. Interpreted by another prophet
  7. Judged by another prophet

According to these rules, Knowing the future and making true prophecy is not enough to become a true Christian prophet. You can still be judged 'false'. One interesting thing to notice is that these rules are so tough that it can reject any messages as not being valid if it does not fit church policy, or if it has not the same content as former messages. If God would change its mind, sending a message with a different direction, it would be rejected. The above rules would make a direct communication between God and Church very difficult.

According to the bible true prophecy exists and it acknowledges more sources (the devil).

For the rest of this site, I will take it for granted that true prophecy does exist and that there are more sources where it could come from. I also accept the idea that there have been indeed prophets and seers who received visions of future events.

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