Nostradamus, Time Travel and Prophecies
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Since Nostradamus was of French-Jewish background and lived most of his life in France, You might want to try interpreting the prophecies from the perspective of a French audience.

Nostradamus - The French point of view

People that analyze the work of Nostradamus often do that from their own point of view and assume that the prophecies should relate to real historic events. They then try to match any extraordinary historic event with each of the quatrains. Often the more spectacular and current a possible matching event, the better. However this technique easilly leads to 'shoehorning' the prophecies to 'world' events. If you are an American, you might try to fit the prophecies to Vietnam, JFK, 9-11, Bill Laden etc. events that affect the American world. But since Nostradamus was French we rather should try interpreting the prophecies from the perspective of a (16th century?) French audience.

If the quatrains were really meant to make sense, they would first do so for the intended audience. Since no one knows who this 'intended audience' is suposed to be, we keep guessing and secretly hope that the work should be interpreted exactly as we currently do. However, since Nostradamus was French it would be more likely that the prophecies concern French European issues rather than for instance American issues.

How important is the fact that Nostradamus was French. Is there a French connection?

If the prophecies were really meant to describe and predict real historic events, then the hunt for the right events continues. Through the centuries there have been an enormous amount of events from which only a few could have been selected. We can only guess which events might have been included into the book of Nostradamus. Depending on the view you take it is either Nostradamus or the occult source that determined which events are hidden in the quatrains.

As an exercise we could speculate about who or what is this occult source and who might be the intended audience (the target group that is allowed to decipher the prophecies). If we choose a sender and speculate on its intention, motive and motivation and its intended audience, then we might get closer to what events might be good candidates to be found in the quatrains of Nostradamus.

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Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy