Nostradamus, Time Travel and Prophecies
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Nostradamus the French Prophet.
If prophecies and sending messages to the past are related then who is the sender of this information? Where does prophecy come from?

Time Travel, Prophecy and Future French Scientists

The idea that prophecy could be the result of future time travel experiments (sending messages to the past) leads to the following questions: Who is responsible for the messages and what is the original content? And if we take it that the book of Nostradamus could be related to such future experiment, what sort of events could then have been selected as basis for his quatrains.

Lets accept for the moment that it will be a group of future scientists that is going to send messages to the past to prove their time travel theory. What would this group of scientists choose to send? Since they know the past in detail they could literally choose any event in any century and in any location of the world and beyond. They have knowledge of all our future technology and achievements. So how would they decide on the content of such a messages?

How important is the fact that Nostradamus was French. Is there a French connection?

First question that arises is who are these scientists? The messages travel huge distances through time, however it is not necessary that a message travel huge distances through space as well. It is conceivable that the location of the scientists is virtual the same as the physical location of the prophet. In the case of Nostradamus that would mean that the scientists might be French.

You could contemplate the following: If the invention would be Chinese, would the book have been written in France? Would future Chinese scientists choose to send messages to a French prophet? Besides of a language problem would it not be more convenient to stay as close to home as possible to control as many aspects of a time travel experiment?

If you can avoid distance in space and only concentrate on the difference in time would that not be easier (or difficult enough)? Further to that what kind of proof for a local experiment, would a book created at the other site of the world present? How can you claim the result of a local time travel experiment if it must be found in another country?

If one day we can proof that the book of Nostradamus is the result of a future time travel experiment, then many future scientists might try to claim the honors. It is not unthinkable that since Nostradamus was a French prophet, that the occult source of his predictions might be French too.

But does this now mean that the French are the ones that are going to invent timetravel? Not necesary, prophecy is known to mankind for centuries, in all cultures and all nations. It could indicate that a nation that has prophecy in it's history might have a future with time travel in it as well. A nation that does not know of any prophecy might possibly not have a future, or one that has no time travel in it.

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy

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Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy