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Definition and explanation


Ghosts are described as human sized and shaped apparitions with a semitransparent, shadowy, or fog like appearance. Sometimes they are not really seen but their presence is mentioned as the cause of some unexplainable phenomena, such as objects that move by themselves, noises etc.

It is a popular belief that ghost are spirits or souls without a body. The ideas and beliefs about ghosts have varied a great deal over time and the disagreement continues today about what they really are and whether they actually exist.

People who believe in Ghosts sometimes describe them as souls of dead persons that are unable to find rest because they have some kind of unfinished business on earth.

Ofcourse there are many people sceptic about ghosts and ghost stories, and these people often indicate that the simplest adequate explanation should be the right one: First, the sincerity and motive of the person reporting will be called into question. Second, the possibility of a hoax or con will be considered and third, explanations based on the knowledge about human physiology will be offered.

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Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy