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Could time travel be used to balance human nature by sending seeds of wisdom to our ancestors in the form of prophecies?

Time Travel and compensating human nature by embedding seeds of wisdom

Humanity must start to take responsibility for its achievements, for the development and use of science and technology and its possible consequences. What would happen if we fail to learn from the past and continue to develop as rapid as we currently do, without developing our responsibility in par? We would continue to use any new technology for accumulation and realization of military, economic, and political power in society with no regards for the consequences.

The elite will continue to use any new developments to achieve supremacy and make those with less power follow the will of the strongest. Dominating world powers will enslave anyone and anything that can be called a - resource - for its own position, benefit, growth, luxury etc. The current globalization trend is already threatening to turn a large part of the world population into economic slaves.

Decisions could be based on many reasons but often military, economic and political considerations are the dominating ones, leaving behind religious, ecological, social, cultural, moral and ethical and spiritual values. We might justify the path humanity has taken through history as it lead us to the advanced level of technology we currently have reached. However our societies are only advanced if you judge them from certain limited points of view.

Although technology and science might continue to develop explosively, it does not mean that wisdom and responsibility automatically grow with it in parallel. Wisdom and responsibility might actually stagnate and lack behind, which could possibly be very dangerous: advanced technology in hands of barbarians is a recipe for disaster. The more advanced and powerful our weapons, devices and appliances the larger the impact of possible misuse might be. Although It has been the realization of our intellect that has given us these tools, without the necessary wisdom, we might mainly use them to satisfy our ego, the desire for power and any other basic needs.

Could human nature and behavior ultimately lead to our own destruction? Time will tell. The problem is that if we find out that it is our own nature and behavior that leads to our downfall, the final Apocalypse, it will be too late to make changes. To play nice is something you must learn as a child -- at the beginning. When that critical moment has past, the damage is done and the end is unavoidable. Or not?

What if time travel exists? Can we go back to the beginning of humanity and add to human genes what they were missing? Could we send prophecies in an attempt to embed or implant seeds of wisdom and moral ethics, anything that compensates human nature, adding a spiritual side to our physical and material existence with our strong basic, animalistic needs and drives?

Would it not be great to be able to first see where history leads us without guidance, and then go back and help our ancestors avoiding the pitfalls of history? Maybe by giving them seeds of wisdom, ethics or spiritual values it might help them to ballance human nature, and help them become better people.

Human Nature and time travel, Nostradamus the prophetl and prophecy

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Human Nature

Society is only advanced from a limited point of view.

Could human nature left to itself ultimately lead to our own destruction?

Human Nature

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy