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With our advanced knowledge of communication technology, would it not be possible to improve the receiving of visions by using some kind of apparatus, device or antenna?

Is there a possibility that modern society with its apparatus and technology adversely affects (or blocks entirely) the receiving of visions? Modern technology produces all kinds of pollution: noise, visual, and light pollution and of course the dreaded information overload. All of these could be possible causes of not having an open mind for more subtle messages (like visions).

The quatrains of Nostradamus relate to future events. The expression 'future' is only an indication of time, it does not point to any location. Since the world is full of people who each experience, their own minor and mayor events, the number of activities that take place through the centuries is immense. From all these countless events which would be the ones that could or should be heard or seen through visions?

In the case of Nostradamus the tendency is to believe, that his quatrains predict some of the mayor events of the centuries ahead of his own.

If we would not refer to the future but to the present time, seeing all main events in person would require some pretty serious reporter skills.

You would be hard pressed to be physically present to witness all mayor events in this world. Of course we don't have to. There are professionals that make a living out of reporting and there are newsagents that collect and distribute information in order to keep the public informed. Furthermore there are sources of compiled information about all kinds of events available to reporters.

Would it be far off to classify a prophet as some sort of news reporter collecting information and writing about future events? Just for fun lets do a comparison of the work of Nostradamus the prophet with a journalist and comment on the results.

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Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy