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Hypothesis 2
Nostradamus received some kind of summary of future events through a communication channel or window with the future.

Future news distribution/communication channel

Lets have a look at the following hypothesis about how Nostradamus could have received his prophecies and in what form:

Hypothesis 2:
Nostradamus heard a summary containing main events of centuries ahead of its own. He described these events in his own charateristic conceiling way.

In this respect it is interesting to point at the word channeling. It indicates the claimed receipt of information or commands by a person functioning as a medium. If you can accept the idea that a seer can use a channel or window to look into the future it should not be so hard to theorize that it could also be possible to use that same channel to send vision back to the past. Instead of seers actively seeking knowledge in the future, information might come sliding down from the future to the past. Summaries of future events might be available in this information channel to be seen or heard by any one who would care to look or listen.

Channeling future news Technology advances by the day. One day we might be able to broadcast not only over distance but over time as well. The sending part of such a communication process might be relatively simple although it seems very hard to proof whether you have been successful.

The problem with such a communication technology lies in the fact that the receiver of such a message should be there long before the technology to send the messages would have been invented. How do you confirm and proof the receipt of such a message in the real world?

Could it be that prophets managed to enter a future news distribution channel, accessing information published and broadcasted by future distributors. This thought brings up a number of related issues and creates a number of questions.

Is this information sent on purpose or by coincidence? If it is done on purpose then maybe it was not meant to get to the past. If however it was meant to go to the past than it is likely that a number of rules would have been applied to such a messages in order not to alter the past. Uncensored or uncoded messages might lead to unexpected changes of the past and the course of history.

The predictions of Nostradamus have been strongly coded. It has always been presumed that he did this for his own reasons like to elude the inquisition and to protect his own life. Since the predictions affect many centuries ahead of his time maybe the coding might have been done for more and other reasons than only to protect Nostradamus. However he did not live to see most of the events he predicted. It could therefore also be that the coding was meant to protect the predictions themselves and avoid possible consequences.

If predictions are clear and obvious then the events they predict might be prevented from occurring, which seems undesirable. It might therefore be conceivable that the visions were already coded before Nostradamus wrote them down. In that case Nostradamus did not do the coding at all. He might have added however, his own concealments.

If a prediction causes the event it predicts not to happen would that mean that the prediction was wrong?

If prophecy comes from the future as some kind of report on 'past' events than it seems to be undesirable to affect the events they predict. Ideally the true nature of a prediction should only be known after the event takes place. Taking into account the number of people that try hacking visions in order to gain knowledge about events before the actual event takes place would explain the need for clever coding.

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Predicting the future might be hard, describing the past however is easy.

Instead of a seer actively seeking knowledge in the future, information might have come down from the future to the past.


Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy