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Hypothesis 3
Nostradamus listened to a specially prepared coded summary describing future main events.

Are we being used by future scientists?

Hypothesis 3:
Nostradamus listened to, and copied a specially prepared coded summary describing main events of centuries ahead of his own.

Based on the above hypothesis a number of questions arise:

  1. Who made the summary?
  2. Why was the summary made, what is its purpose?
  3. What are we supposed to do with the summary?
  4. What are the implications of such a work?

The sender must have had knowledge about the events in order to describe them. That means that for the sender the events already happened. If time travel and sending messages to the past will be invented, then the first group of people involved will be the scientists that develop the theory, the technology and the devices. They will do tests to collect results in order to proof their theory.

The reason for the existence of true prophecy must be found in the motivation of the sender.

To elaborate on the idea that the sending party consist of scientists, what would be their reason to send messages to the past? One obvious one, is to proof that it is possible to communicate with the past.

The Scientists would be very aware about side effects and careful in deciding on the contents of the message. Their objective might only be, to have some kind of confirmation of receipt on paper. That would mean that prophecies are not really meant for us, the receiving party. We are just being used as part of the communication process.

Although people think that since the book of Nostradamus contains prophecies it might be meant for us to know our own future. This might be an incorrect presumption. Maybe we are just being used. By labeling a message a true prophecy we already fulfilled our purpose. The nature of the message, being a prediction, might be chosen to keep our interest and is meant to confirm that it indeed originates from the future.

Worst-case scenario might be, that we 'hack' the prophecy before the event, preventing the event from happening and changing the course of history. If true prophecies are the result of experimenting with future time travel technology, would there be there anything that we could find out about the sending party? Is there a way to indicate where these possible future scientists are located?

Since Nostradamus is a French prophet could it be that these scientists might be French too? The work of Nostradamus contains many quatrains, possibly relating to many events. But there are still many more events from which could have been chosen. By analyzing the choice of events we might be able to say something about the interests and motivations of the occult source, the sender of the prophecies.

Future Communication Technology, Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy

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Time Travel and Prophecy

Nostradamus might have listened to a summary describing some of the main events of the centuries.

The reason of sending visions must be found in the motivation of the sender.

Time Travel and Prophecy

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy