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Is the book of Nostradamus a true work of prophecy ?

What is the purpose of the Book of Nostradamus

What would change in our view of life and reality if it turns out that Nostradamus was not a cheat, received true predictions and really knew our future? Those are very intriguing questions, ones that you can't really answer. true prophecy should not exist. and there are no plausible scientific theories that would allow true predictions of the future.

The consequences of the existence of true prophecy will make your head spin and will lead you to the realm of the impossible. For sure, it is far easier to say that Nostradamus was a great imposter then to find an acceptable, plausible answer of how he did it (if you think, he really, really did it).

Most believers and non-believers focus on his quatrains. Since it seems an impossible task to relate his work to reality, I will try to avoid doing this.

Many believers think there is some kind of wisdom in the book of Nostradamus, some hidden treasure and secretly hope that one day we might discover the key to the treasure grove.

But how egocentric is this thought. Do we really think that these prophetic quatrains are meant for us so we can know our own future?

Up to now, no one has ever been able to predict an event with the help of the book. the book of Nostradamus the prophetFrom that point of view it is a useless book. It keeps deluding any one that looks for wisdom. And it seems likely that it is not going to change soon. What is the use of a book of prophecy that does not give any predictions. It is like a cook that does not know how to cook.

What is the purpose of the work of Nostradamus?

Lets play with the thought that Nostradamus really knew the future. I am not a scientist and most of my ideas can probably be marked as unrealistic imaginations. But I think it is a good exercise to take him serious (just for ones) and try to give an explanation for what he claimed he achieved.

What I would like to see is a sound explanation of whether and how it could be possible that a person gathered so much information about future events that he could write a huge book about it. How does one person collect so much information about future events, while the rest of humanity does not even get close to reproduce what he did.

Lets start analyzing what we know about the prophet and his work and come up with some hypothesis and possible explanations. The intention here is to find a means to replicate what he managed to do.

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The Book of Nostradamus

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy