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Nostradamus and prophecy
Should we consider the quatrains of Nostradamus as true prophecy?

Since we are only interested in true prophecy, why are we then focusing on the work of Nostradamus? Looking at the book of Nostradamus it might be obvious that the predictions are far from correct, detailed or precise and from that point of view his work should not be regarded as a work of true prophecy. On the other hand it does not completely exclude the possibility that the quatrains are based on true prophecies received from an occult source as claimed by Nostradamus.

The predictions Nostradamus received and the quatrains he finally wrote down in his book might be two entirely different things.

More or less we presume that there was something Nostradamus received, that he himself took as true prophecy and on which he based his quatrains. Some of the questions are: what, how and in what form did these prophecies come to him.

In his book on Nostradamus Francis King writes:

'There is evidence to be found in the curious forty-second quatrain of Century One that makes it seem quite certain that Nostradamus had some knowledge of both the darker aspects of occult arts and of modes of divination involving the use of basins. ...

Those about to prophesy take a basin of water, which attracts the spirits of the depths. The basin seems to breathe as with sounds. The water in the basin excels because of a power imparted to it by incantations, which have rendered it capable of being imbued with the energies of spirits of prophecy. A thin voice begins to utter predictions. A spirit of this sort journeys where it wills and always speaks with a low voice.'

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Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy