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Could time travel be used to balance human nature by sending seeds of wisdom to our ancestors in the form of prophecies?

Time Travel and Religion

Religion might be thought of as complementary to human nature, embedding spiritual values and adding wisdom to our natural human behavior. Religion has become an important part of culture and often, in the more religious societies, the culture is centered on the religious beliefs. Within religion there are strong values about the well being of all humans in the world.

Although religion can provide a spiritual basis for human rights, it has often become the basis for denying individuals or a group these basic rights. The question whether religions have had success in making the world a better place and their member's better people is a controversial topic.

The source of religion is said to be supernatural, a god who is interested in the well being of humans. If we take it for granted that the intention of sending the word of god was meant to compensate human nature and help humanity, it would still leave open many unanswered questions.

Improving human nature to avoid future disaster with time travel technology would be a motive for impersonating God and changing the past.

Would 'using time travel technology to embed wisdom in our ancestors' not resemble all that we know about religion and the alleged relationship with god? If we could change the past by sending messages, would it not look identical to what has already been done to us and described for centuries as prophecies given by angels and the word of god received by prophets and written down in the holy books?

Relating religion with time travel is a huge and complicated task, something you could not have suggested during the inquisition - for instance. To start off, we could first focus on how the technology of sending messages to the past might resemble the process of how prophets receive prophecies from angels, then you could look at passages from the holy books and try to explain them from a time travel point of view.

Relating religion to time travel gives rise to a large number of topics and questions. Follow the link to see a few.

Religion and Time Travel, Nostradamus the prophet and prophecy

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Religion and Time travel

Would using time travel technology to embed wisdom in our ancestors not resemble all that we know about religion and the alleged relationship with God?

Religion and Time travel

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy