Nostradamus, Time Travel and Prophecies
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Could time travel be used to balance human nature by sending seeds of wisdom to our ancestors in the form of prophecies and create religion?

Time Travel and Religion

One of the possible uses of time travel could be to help or guide humanity. Adding spiritual values to compensate human nature. If you could use time travel to send messages to the past, it could possibly be used to embed wisdom, morals, ethics and spiritual values in our ancestors, which might result in the creation of religion. Here are a number of topics that come up when you think of religion as the possible result of time travel experiments:

  • Why would you send messages that have the potential to create religion in past history while religions already exist? Would we send messages that would result in creating a bible while the bible already exists?

  • Although the motive might be well valid, changing the past could introduce a new chain of events that could lead to the Apocalypse. It can have consequences so drastically that in the new history time-line, humanity might not exist anymore. Would we really go ahead and take the responsibility for a changed history? What kind of people would consider the risk of sending a religion to its ancestors with the possibility that it might leads to their own extinction?

  • How can we imagine a reality in which we help ourselves by changing the past? An unlimited all-knowing and all-powerful god who knows the future and is all around us is already pushing our imagination. But thinking that this god might be the result of experimenting with time travel technology by our own grand-grand-grand children might be a concept that is just too hard to grasp.

  • Who would be interested in the well being of the Jewish people? Who would call the Jewish people - God's chosen people - if it would not be for the Jewish themselves? Could God be Jewish, or worse, could future Jewish scientists invent time travel and impersonate god?

  • If the Torah turns out to be the result of a time travel experiment, would we be so forgiving? Sending a work to the world as the word of God and that indirectly leads to pogroms, inquisition, persecution etc. is quite a sin to forgive. The existence of the Torah helped creating a unique identity for the Jewish people, which allowed others to identify and persecute them as a group, resulting in extreme events as - under others - the Nazi holocaust.

  • Could there be something like a time-mechanism that compensates and nullifies any changes made to past history over time. Any benefit caused by altering the past might be cancelled out if you wait long enough. God helped the Jewish escape from the Egyptians, something that allowed them to become numerous and strong. Maybe without this help the Jewish people would not have survived or would have suffered tremendously. If this intervention was related to time travel then it has altered the past. Could it be that the inquisition and holocaust are in part the result of this compensation mechanism that nullifies o compensates the benefits of the initial alteration?

  • How would the world be without religion? Can we imagine a world without religion? Would we be worse off if there would be no holy scriptures with the word of god in print? Where would we be headed without the moral and spiritual guidance provided by religion and its holy scripts?

  • Could religion be the answer to help us avoid our possible future downfall by compensating our natural human behavior and give us more wisdom in our future decisions? Especially in a time when science and technology have advanced so far that we can cause our own Apocalypse and Armageddon in a heartbeat?

  • If time travel allows for communication with the past, and scientists really decide to use it in an attempt to alter human nature, it would be a mere technical question how to cause the greatest impact. If future scientists really would want to send messages that teaches ethic, moral and spiritual values to their ancestors then molding them into a religious context would make perfectly sense. It would be a simple task to impersonate angels being the messengers, sent by a non-visible, all-powerful God. By convincing prophets of the importance of the message they might decide to dedicate their life to spreading the word to their contemporaries. True predictions could help convincing the prophet, as it would be strong evidence that the message can only be from supernatural origin.

Religion, prophecy and Time Travel

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Time Travel and Religion

Would the use of time travel technology to embed wisdom in our ancestors not resemble all that we know about religion and the alleged relationship with god?

Time Travel and Religion

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy