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If there would be a spirit world full of spirits, ghosts, angels, lost souls and the like then how would a possible interaction with this spirit world look like?

Interaction between ghosts, spirits and our known physical universe.

If non-physical entities really would exist, would it be possibility that they could change or affect our physical world?

If a non-physical entity wishes to interact with the physical world, it probably first has to become part of it by attaching itself to some living creature.

In our history there are many stories about disturbed people that have been said to be possessed by demons. Could such 'possession' be an intend of a spirit or any other non-physical entity to attach itself to a person? The problem with demonic possession is that human beings already have a soul and one is more than enough to cope with.

Another possibility for communication would be some sort of 'direct conversation' between a detached non-physical entity (like a spirit) and an attached one: a soul. These conversations might resemble dreams, visions and prophecies. A prophet might be the type of person that has the ability to 'open' himself up to this kind of direct 'spirit to soul' communication.

How would time affect non-physical entities? Since there is no mass, no material, time should not affect spirits at all, no aging or weathering. If something like a spirit world would exist, it could be thought of as a timeless 'place' full of sprits, souls or ghosts residing and interacting together. Heaven might be an interpretation of such a place where immortal souls from all centuries are believed to reside together.

If it would be possible to temporary disconnect a soul from its human host, it would loose the limitations and capabilities of the body, but might gain the full capabilities of being a non-physical entity. It might for instance be able to directly communicate with other non-physical entities, like spirits, ghosts, demons, angels, etc.

A psychic medium might be the type of person that learned to semi-disconnect his or her soul from the body, allowing for direct communication between soul and spirits or other non-physical entities.

What if such non-physical, conscious, intelligent and independent entities really do exist? How would knowing this, affect our reality, our vision on life? How would it affect our ideas on time travel? Since the rules of space-time might not apply to a spirit world, traveling time might be no problem or at least a complete different experience.

Spirit World, Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy

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Spirit world

If ghosts and spirits would exist than how would the passing of time apply to such a non-physical spirit world?

The rules of space-time might not apply the same to physical and non-physical entities

Spirit world

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy