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Time travel, true prophecy and sending messages to the past with some kind of time machine could all be related. How would such a communication technology work?

Model of Future communication Technology:

If it's green; it's biology,
If it stinks; it's chemistry,
If it has numbers; it's math,
If it doesn't work; it's technology


If time travel can exist and travelers would be able to communicate with people that lived in former centuries then how would such a communication technology look like. To visualize the idea of communication through time I introduce a communication model that exists of three entities. This model has a sender and a receiver who can interact with each other over a medium - the communication channel or shared space. For the receivers, the senders are known as the occult source of information.

The location of the sender is not really crucual. The sender could be an invisible time traveler standing next to the prophet, or it could be a broadcasting station located in a research building in a far, far future. What can be send might only be limited to one form of communication. For instance there might only be a verbal communication, with no body language or other non-verbal information.

It is the sender that wants to disperse information. He has the technology and the means to do so. The sender looks for receivers that would like to listen to such information. It is important to notice that since the centuries of the sender and receiver are different, that their realities are very different as well. The receiver will interpret the communication based on his own experiences, perceptions and options. Words that mean one thing in one century might mean something completely different in another. The intended meaning of the message by the sender might be entirely different than the perceived meaning interpreted by the receiver. It is important that a message is written according strict rules.

The receiver might be someone who is interested in the occult. A potential prophet that looks for an occult source using séances or other occult practices to tap into the communication channel and tuning into the right frequency.

  • The Receiver. The receiver is the individual that receives, interprets and records the message.
  • The Sender. The sender is the central driving force. The sender holds all the pieces of the puzzle.
  • The Medium. The medium allows for direct communication between a sender and a receiver. It is the shared space, the common ground, the communication channel between the two parties. In the case of communicating with the past it could be some kind of spiritual medium.

In successful communication the perceived message should approximate the intended message, but success can only be measured after receiving back some sort of confirmation of receipt.

The use of a model can help to understand how an occult source such as mentioned in the work of Nostradamus might have operated if communication would be possible possible between individuals of different times.

A similar model could explain how the communication in the Internet works using three entities:

The first entity is the group of end-users. They need the right hardware in order to start accessing the Internet. Many end users have no clue about how the Internet really works in detail.

The second entity represents the communication media and the third represents the providers of information. Providers create websites that end users can access. The communication channel allows 'surfers' to find websites and to access the information provided. To use the internet you need to know a basic set of rules and instructions.

The providers of information tend to have more knowledge about the Internet than the end-users. Although it is the initiative and intention of the users to find web pages, it is mostly the owners of web pages that manipulate the Internet in such a way that their pages can be found easily.

Future Communication Technology, Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy

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Communication Model

Future communication technology could be responsible for true prophecy and fulfilled predictions.

How would a relationship between future scientist, occult sources, prophets and technology look like?.

Communication Model

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy