Nostradamus, Time Travel and Prophecies
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Nostradamus - Time Travel and Prophecies
Prophecies and Time Travel experiments could be 2 sides of the same technology.

Prophecy and Future Time Travel Experiments

Sending messages to the past could be part of some future time travel experiment. If such technology that allows for communicating with the past ever gets developed, then the inventors surely need to demonstrate that it can be done. In science you always need to prove your theories and in order to do so, you need to do experiments. And that is where the problem starts. Any obtained results must first prove, beyond doubt that they result from the test and from the test only. These results can then be measured against a test bench. The test bench has to be pre-defined and must have a base line. The base line represents what would have happened if the test had not taken place.

In the communication model used, the sender is the central driving force. The sender holds all the pieces of the puzzle. Nostradamus as the receiver of prophecy in this model did not have all the pieces of the puzzle, he was part of the communication model without his knowledge and was not in charge, nor aware of the real nature of the communication.

For testing consequences of for instance a time travel experiment, you need to establish a base line to compare with. You need to be able to compare the results of the experiment with a (normal) situation where the time travel experiment did not take place and that is not affected by the test.

Since both parties, sender and receiver, are part of the same communication model, they are also both part of the same time travel experiment. That means that they will be equally affected by the consequences. None of the entities involved will be able to compare the consequences of an experiment with a base line, a situation that would have been, without the testing. Neither the scientists nor the prophet can indicate how the present should have been without the messages. A Time travel experiment will affect the history of both sites of the medium equally.

After a time travel experiment takes place, neither of the parties in the communication model will be aware of any changes. If they could be aware of changes they might not understand the relationship between the event and the time travel experiment. Neither the sender nor the receiver will have a broader vision of a situation without an experiment.

What would indicate that the results of experimenting already affected our past? Taking into consideration that we have no possibility to compare situations. What signs do we have to look for in our history to suspect a change caused by a future time travel experiment?

Since typically an experiment exists of sending a message to the past containing one or more predictions, prophecies would be the obvious choice.

If the presence of a true prophecy has changed the course of history, then this might be the proof we need.

The problem with this idea is, that since we are part of any experiment ourselves we will never have the possibility to compare to a base line. From our point of view we cannot tell whether an experiment has changed the intended course of history or not. As far as we are concerned the results of a prophecy merges with history and becomes an integral part of it.

If there is no possibility to confirm that time travel and prophecy are related, then any other explanation of prophecy will be equally acceptable. Since interest groups have a tendency to claim prophecies, many prophecies already have acceptable (religious) interpretations and explanations.

Why does it all sound so thin? To start with there is still no accepted scientific theory on time that allows for communicating with the past. Without such a theory it is of no use collecting proof that would support such a theory. Evidence on its own does not prove anything

Proving the existence of true prophecy does not Necessarily prove the existence of time travel or the existence of a future technology that allows for sending messages to the past.

Time Travel experiment, Nostradamus the prophet and prophecy

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Time travel Experiment

Time travel Experiments are Incredible hard to proof

Proving the existence of true prophecy does not Necessarily prove the existence of time travel or the existence of a future technology that allows for sending messages to the past.

Time travel Experiment

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy