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Since Time travelers can know the future, it would explain the existence of true prophecy. However there are some restrictions.

Time Travel Blind Spots

If time travel really could exist, it would explain where true prophecy might come from. Future scientists and time travelers would know history in detail and could reveal future events to prophets. But time travel seems to have it's own problems and limitations. Although future scientists know the past there are two 'blind spots' that even a future time traveler cannot know.

The first 'blind spot' refers logically to the future of the scientists, which they won't know themselves in detail. However this does not hinder in sending prophecies to prophets in the past. It seems obvious that future scientists limit themselves to sending only information about events that they know of, i.e. historic events. Visions and prophecies relate to events that happen in the time line between sender (future time traveler) and the receiver (prophet living in the past).

The second blind spot that does affect time travel has to do with sending information that changes history. The sender will not know the consequences of his messages until after the experiment, when the message has arrived. The message cannot include information about events that are directly related with receiving the prophecy. It is even possible that as a result, the events predicted do not take place. After receiving such a true prophecy, the history time line might change in unpredictable ways.

Because the future scientists cannot know the impact of their experiment, they will be carefull in determining the content of their message, probably they will use strict rules about content and form of such messages.

If a prophecy changes history, events caused or prevented by the prophecy could not have been predicted.

It is possible that after the experiment the future of the prophet will not be the same as the historic time line of the sender. This is a discrepancy. Do they both have to be the same? A number of theories and ideas exist based on this question.

Blind spot, Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy

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The blind spot

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy