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If a spirit world would exists with ghosts and spirits from different times, then how would communication look like?

A virtual Chat Room for Spirits

How do we visualize this communication between people from different times? Maybe entering in a state of trance has similarities with entering a virtual chat room in the Internet.

These virtual Internet chat rooms do not exist in a particular physical place, however they can be located by their Uniform Resource Locator (URL). To use them you do not need to know anything about their physical location.

The participants of chat rooms have limited knowledge of each other. Each user supplies an alias and some basic information about himself or herself. Within a chat room users can communicate with other users and are normally under the impression of having a direct intimate contact with other human beings. Users taking turn being senders and receivers and communicate by sending messages to each other over the Internet medium.

Participants commonly conceal details about their actual lives. They might lie about sex, age, location or any particulars they communicate. Each alias in a chat room represents a user. It could be that the same user has various aliases present in more than one chat room at a time. It is also possible that the same participant has more than one alias in the same chat room. And it is conceivable that some of the aliases in reality are artificial intelligent programs. Even while the alias is present in the room, the actual user might not be on-line.

Furthermore, since participants can be located anywhere on earth, time in a chat room might not represent the real time of each participant. Internet chat rooms bring together people with similar interests. Rooms often have rules that apply to their world only, like using formal language, not using rude words, and presenting yourself at entering.

Chat rooms might have many users each entering from his own computer. Each users point of entry is also his point of exit. His physical body has not moved only his mind wandered the world over from chat room to chat room. When he stops he finds himself sitting again at the same computer as where he started.

When a user ends a session, leaves the chat room and exits the virtual world he will be back in the physical world. He might have made a large number of virtual trips adding up to tens of thousands of miles, meeting up with numerous similar spirits, crossed many time zones and shared many secrets, but in the real world he did not move away from his keyboard until his mum brought cookies.

In a sense you detach your mind from your body to have a virtual experience in a world that only exists of bits and bytes. We submerge ourselves into the Internet world to have an experience that we cannot have with our physical body. you have to believe in this virtual world to enjoy it and accept it as a real experience.

Virtual Chat, ghost, spirit, Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy

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Virtual Chat

Communication between prophet and an occult source might resemble chatting in a Internet chat room

Virtual Chat

Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy