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Is it possible that time travel and UFO's have something in common?

Events and consequences without a cause

UFO's: a time travel experiment? Unidentified Flying Objects are often believed to be related to extraterrestrials. There are many extended theories about what they are and where they come from, and there are even more SF books and films about them. But there is no conclusive proof about who these mysterious visitors really are.

How would UFO sightings fit into the general characteristics time travel experiments would be expected to have:

  • Events and consequences without cause or logical explanation
  • Relationship with the future
  • Avoids impact on history.
  • Happen frequently
  • Documented

Without cause or logical explanation

We don't know much about where these objects might come from, we just seem to suddenly share a moment with them. The objects just happen to be there, flying from A to B; from that point of view there seems to be no cause or explanation about how they got here.

Relationship with the future

UFO's are normally seen as high tech flying objects. They move at high speeds and can make fast turns and accelerate even faster. Our current technology cannot achieve what these contraptions apparently already manage to do for many years. However if science and technology continues to develop as fast as it does then we might be able to build machines that fly like UFO's in a near future.

Avoids impact on history

After an encounter with a UFO there is often no proof. Maybe there are some faint photos or a number of eyewitnesses but you can hardly speak of an impact on history.

Happen frequently

Many people have claimed to have seen mysterious flying objects that could have been UFO's.


There are elaborate reports on UFO sightings. If these encounters or sightings turn out to be future time travel experiments then these reports could possibly be usefull as some kind of proof or confirmation of receipt.

Time travel seems to be a very advanced science. To be able to do controlled experiments the science and the technology must have advanced tremendously. Groups that have access to time travel might also have access to other advanced technology including maybe space travel.

Some of the time travel theories require extreme physical conditions and therefore experiments can could only take place in outer space where future space ships might make use of worm holes, hyperdrives, black holes and other ideas normally clasified as Science Fiction.

The technology needed to achieve the high accelerations and velocities are far from being developed and invented. If we ever do manage to create the space ships needed they could resemble UFO's.

Although the sightings of unindentified flying objects seem hardly to have had an impact on history that does not necesarilly have to be true: Since we are aware that there are high tech unknown objects flying in our skies, we will definitely try to reconstruct or reengineer these objects and investigate whether we could a similar design for a new generation of space ships which could lead to our own flying saucer technology. But if UFO's are objects from the future then the sightings in our time could contribute to its own future development. Would that not be weird indeed, and lead to some kind of paradox?

UFO, Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy


Nostradamus the prophet, Time Travel and prophecy
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