This website contains a collection of articles with my personal ideas about the world and the society we live in. These articles reveal how I see the world.

Something is holding us back

Most of the articles are written around some sort of analysis.

Central to my approach to analysis is to combine unrelated themes and analyze them together as if they were different masks on the same face. This presumption may be right or wrong but it will point out similarities and how these topics can possibly interact and influence each other.

In 2004 I started this website with the first group of articles focused on prophecy and time travel, relating both together as two aspects of the same event.

One of the conclusions of writing these articles was that you don’t need to have closure on everything. An analysis and investigation can be very successful without having a clear-cut final answer. There is no shame in applyng valid methodologies on subjects that defy all logic. Being endlessly in limbo is an acceptable state of being.

What became also clear is that the same analytic approach of grouping themes and entities together and treating them as related is a very useful method and can be applied on everything we see around us.  It can reveal hidden relationships that play an important role in steering our societies in directions that are not beneficial for the people living in these societies and for humanity in general.

The new articles apply the same ideas of analyzing seemingly unrelated objects together as if they would be different aspects of the same entity.